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It started with a Louis Armstrong LP ”Five Pennies” for Christmas. It inspired me to look for more black music and I came across a LP by Josh White, ”Chain Gang Songs”. That was my first experience with Blues Music. Next was an EP featuring The Platters and Lloyd Price, who were my introduction to Soul Music. Then I discovered Sam Cooke on my Radio Luxembourg. a blues palle antiqueThe pop band  I was playing with played his songs and added Sonny Boy Williams songs, in the early 60’s. My feeling for the Blues increased with Oscar Brown Jr. and I purchased his LP’s. Later on I watched a TV show playing Jimi Hendrix ”Red House” and went looking for the CD. I came across Buddy Guy ”A Man and his Blues” and ask them to play it in the PA system. And I was addicted to Chicago Blues.jefferson #palaisWhen I returned to Sweden from Paris and established my art studio I added a radio and a reel-to-reel tape recorder to my equipment I discovered two weekly blues shows on Sveriges Radio P3 by Staffan Solding and Peter Måhlin They played all kind of Blues and educated me in the music.  It served me right when I moved to Norway and got a job in a Radio Vestland. I subscribed to Jefferson Blues Magazine to read more about Blues. At concerts in Stockholm I met some of the US artists backstage, Roy Brown, Albert Collins, Fenton Robinson, Louisiana Red and Magic Slim. My band Peoples People played warm up for George ”Harmonica” Smith. When I moved to Visby, Gotland I returned to play Rockabilly and toured Scandinavia with Big Mike Ford and his Cadillacs.

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I was blessed with a daughter in Norway and decided to stay there. My first and only side job was at Radio Vestland due to my Blues record collection. I produced two weekly programs Blue Monday and Friday Again. That positioned me to do interviews at international Blues festivals. One interview with Buddy Guy connected me with Jefferson Blues Magazine in 1996. An interview with Deitra Farr changed my life fundamentally.